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dvm360 events
dvm360 events is all about empowering veterinary professionals to live their best life in and out of the practice and improving the quality of life for animals. Each dvm360® event offers high-quality CE from the top experts in veterinary medicine tailored to help tackle the biggest challenges at every level of the practice.

We bring people, brands, and technologies together to improve the lives of animals and the people that care for them. For us, connections are essential. Through connections we get the best advice, find the right resources, and have access to people who care about our success so we can create experiences that stay with you.


We're an incredibly tight-knit group, united by our shared knowledge and respect for one another. Our years of experience give us the confidence to express ourselves in unique ways and lead us to our goal – creating unforgettable continuing education experiences for veterinary professionals. We have all found each other because we share a commitment to excellence in education and we have no doubt that you will fit right in.


We love collaborating. It’s what keeps us up at night. Collaborations helps us go beyond the normal scope of work and push innovation forward to better serve veterinary professionals. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate with other businesses and organizations to continue to advance the science.

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Why Attend
Endless Inspiration

We aim to inspire, connect, and equip you as you pursue your veterinary career. We offer CE from a host of brilliant faculty through various events and programs. We don’t just give you the knowledge to take back home, we’ll inspire you to deliver the level of care you’ve always wanted to provide to the pets you see.

Actionable Education

We will leave you with scores of new tips, killer techniques, treatment ideas and answers to your toughest diagnostic questions courtesy of our brilliant speakers, facilitators, and additional educational opportunities.

Human Connections

We get it, you probably prefer to communicate with animals, not humans, but wouldn’t it be nice to meet some new people? You’ll be among your tribe with hundreds of veterinary professionals at dvm360 events!

Fearless Fun

Work hard, play harder! You fight every day to prove veterinary medicine is a serious profession and that animals deserve our care and respect. And all of that fighting means that you also deserve a chance to unwind and loosen up. Our parties, networking events and fun exhibit hall happenings are that chance.